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Welcome to  Conroy Landscapes We are a small family company based in South Birmingham Top quality installation is guaranteed, regardless of project size Committed and passionate about all aspects of landscaping and garden design  Only one job installed at a time  Honesty and integrity are operated   from concept to completion Whatever your landscaping needs, large or small, we can meet all your requirements We have full commercial and public liability insurance If you like what you see, please contact Chris for a chat or a visit
We Are Designers Who Landscape Not Landscapers Who Design
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Welcome to  Conroy Landscapes We are a small family company based in South Birmingham Top quality installation is guaranteed, regardless of project size Committed and passionate about all aspects of landscaping and garden design  Only one job installed at a time  Honesty and integrity are operated   from concept to completion Whatever your landscaping needs, large or small, we can meet all your requirements We have full commercial and public liability insurance If you like what you see, please contact Chris for a chat or a visit
Castle Bromwich
Water & Electrics
Kings Heath
Cheswick Green
We offer a comprehensive range of services from a simple fence repair to a full garden makeover and design service
Perry Barr
Selly Park 
Hardwood or Softwood
Water Features, Drainage & Lighting
Turfing & Planting Schemes
Made to Measure
Natural Stone, Concrete or Block
Personalise Your Garden
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            Full Fencing Service 
Perry Barr Dry Stone Slate Wall Midnight Slate Paving Atlantic Shingle Path Steel Decorative Fence
Kings Norton Tumbled Blue Engineers Rusty Slate Paving Softwood Pergola Decorative Round Lawn
Kings Heath Oak Sleeper Retaining Wall Kadapha Limestone Atlantic Shingle
Dickens Heath Tumbled Blue Paviours Hardwood Deck Stainless Steel Lighting Softwood Sleeper ‘Snug'
Rednal Raised Softwood Deck Handrail and Spindle Fence Softwood Sleeper Planter Steps to Garden
Elmdon Atlantic Shingle Tumbled Concrete Blue Blocks Box Hedging, Yew Balls and Bay Trees
Edgbaston Green Slate Patio Tumbled Blue Clay Paviours Softwood Pergola Oak Sleepers Hardwood Decking
Moseley Rusty Slate Paving Raised Hardwood Deck Feature Planting Tumbled Blue Edging
Perry Barr Slate Dry Stone Wall  Slate Paving Decorative Steel Fencing
Every garden is finished to a consistently high standard
Kings Norton Kota Blue Limestone Paving Cream Edge Detailing Raised Softwood Deck
Attention to detail and customer  service are paramount, regardless of project scale
Kenilworth Tumbled Concrete Blocks Softwood Retaining Wall Atlantic Shingle Aggregate Raised Planter 
We will install any size job, from  simple repairs to full makeovers
Perry Barr Midnight Slate Paving Gravel Path Round Lawn Tumbled Blue Brick Edging 
Castle Bromwich Kota Blue Limestone Paving Brick Retaining Wall and Planter Hidden Access Ramp
Halesowen Grey Granite Paving Blue Brick Wall Built in Wall Lights Atlantic Shingle
Whatever Your Requirements
Moseley Raised Hardwood Deck  Decorative Planting Softwood Sleeper Wall
Earlswood Softwood Sleeper Retaining Wall Decorative Softwood Fencing Softwood Decking Stainless Steel Uplighters
Peace of Mind
Shirley Oak Sleeper Planters Granite Paving Atlantic Shingle Gravel Strip
Redditch Oak Sleeper Curved Wall Stainless Steel Lighting Rusty Slate Paving
Edgbaston - Patio extended and dining area defined
Wythall - Size and function of patio area increased
Garretts Green - Low maintenance garden defined, function improved
Dickens Heath - 'Snug' area created, lighting added for extended evening use
Rednal - Secure family patio area created
Wythall - Garden feature steps rebuilt
Perry Barr - Family and pet areas defined and created
Edgbaston - Patio extended and dining area defined
Perry Barr - Functional areas created, security added 
Earlswood - Garden reclaimed to provide barbecue, lounging and hot tub areas
Transform Your Garden Enrich Your Life
Moseley - Garden revitalised to provide multifunctional family use
Attention to detail is applied at every stage to guarantee a successful design and installation
The selection and specification of materials is very important Contrasting and complimentary materials can add character ambience and style
Build Circles Squares Levels Curves
Circles, squares and curves are used in both formal and informal garden designs Levels and tiers create space and extend function
Enjoy Dine  Play  Relax Entertain
Past, present and future uses for your garden are analysed Material, form and function are then considered to produce a design proposal
Attention to Detail - Materials, Form and Function
Select Paving Timbers Gravels Lighting
How we do it - Survey, Measure, Design, Set-out, Discuss, Organise, Prepare, Dig, Lift, Mix, Build, Install, Cut, Point, Plant & Sweep
Site visit  Survey   Note aspect  Discuss function Form brief
Mission Statement Delivering excellence, through passion and dedication
Consider function  Initial ideas Collate materials Design proposal Research costings
Mission Statement   Professionalism, creativity and communication are central to our core values
Demolition  Deliveries Construction Progress discussed Unknowns resolved
Site visit Initial proposal  Discuss materials  Reconsider function Amend proposal Discuss budget
Mission Statement Providing a first class service using design and high quality installation 
Improvements made Details considered Problems resolved Additional works Final payment
Consolidate ideas Additional functions added Make amendments Finalise proposal
Site visit Final proposal  Agree final budget  Confirm materials Approve proposal
Agree start date Project specification Materials payment Organise logistics
Start with a blank page
Trades and Subcontractors We use subcontractors for specialist services  Our contractors are skilled, professional and meet our own high standards Chris or Dan will always be on site to manage any contracted work Contracted works include; Digger and Driver (nearly always)  Electrician (often) Gas Engineer (occasionally)  Bricklayers (larger brickwork projects)
Skilled Installation Ensures a Beautiful, Long Lasting Garden
 Installing a Blue Paviour Patio
Installation  High standards applied at all stages of installation MOT type 1 hardcore used as opposed to reclaimed brick Attention to detail is central to project management and logistics  Correct procedures are adhered to, regardless of time pressures Ongoing dialogue with customer regarding technical and visual issues Efficient, tidy and systematic approach at all times
Building a Curved Sleeper Wall
Revive your Garden - Enrich your Life
What better way to earn a living? Working outside, making people happy and then of course…..there’s the big power tools!
Chris Conroy BA Hons (1st Class) Design C&G Horticulture Genus :  Gardenmeistergeneral V. officinalis [Speedwell aka Blue Eyes] Chris is a consistently reliable hardy perennial, adding interest, texture and unique charm to any design scheme. A real crowd pleaser, making the garden look good all year round.
The Faces of Conroy Landscapes
Dan Andrews Genus : Landscapingmeister Passiflora incarnata [Purple Passion Flower aka Maypop]  Dan is a wonderfully strong and sturdy addition to any garden with a pleasant fragrance and a youthful bloom.  He will continue to produce to a high standard throughout the season, and will not fade in direct heat or cold snaps.  
      Beauty and Harmony….    
We aim to minimise disruption to yourselves and your neighbours through communication, co-operation, courtesy and consideration
Minimise Disruption
Our passion and dedication ensure your garden will look beautiful  for many years to come
Service Level Guarantee
Maximise Potential
All work and materials are fully guaranteed for two years. We will repair and replace up to the third year at material cost, with no labour charge Installation is carried out from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday We will need power and water We are self-sufficient for all staff well being needs  You will be kept informed daily on works progress and any unforeseen issues It is central to our core values that you are happy and fully informed Potential issues, worries or concerns should be raised with us immediately  We want you to enjoy the transformation process as much as we do
Making Your Garden The Place You Want To Be
Making Your Garden Better Than Your Neighbours
Excellence Through Design
                                               Modern Garden
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                                               Formal Garden
                                               Natural Garden
                                              Water & Lighting
Garden Designs Circles, squares and curves are used in both formal and informal garden designs There are four basic garden types illustrated These examples may  include an element or idea central to your own garden design Please click and explore Services We offer a comprehensive range of services For further information please click an illustration  for technical specifications  after sales advice and additional suggestions  
                                               Family Garden
Family Garden Design Natural stone patio Tumbled block edging detail Tumbled block seating area  Meadow grass lawn, tough and resistantfor children Treated softwood pergola  Low maintenance planting Climbers supply colour and scent  Ducting installed for future lighting Design Objective Create specific functional areas for adults and children; dining, play and relaxation Pergola area is easily personalised with lanterns, bird feeders and climbers Childrens play area to be visible from all parts of garden and house
Modern Garden Design Hardwood decking  Granite patio Decorative gravel strip Raised oak sleeper planters/bench Low maintenance architectural planting Decorative aggregate finish on planters LED lighting on oak sleeper sides Design Objective Create dining and relaxation areas Incorporate existing pathway into the scheme Extend garden use through lighting and winter planting Maximise budget
Formal Garden Design Basalt patio Blue and red clay paviours Box hedge borders 4 Yew balls Central Magnolia tree Slate chippings Blue edging detail Design Objective Create visual focal points Use symmetry to create a formal design Garden will look good in 25 years Low maintenance
What we do
Natural Garden Design Existing slabs reused Reclaimed blue paviours for edging Path through scents and colours Gravel area with architectural planting Cultivated lawn for colour and quality Pergola entrance to garden  Bird and insect feeders around garden Natural asymmetrical design Bark mulch to conserve water and suppress weeds Design Objective Create a natural environment for wildlife, flora and fauna Keep hard landscaping budget to a minimum   Create different planting areas Adaptable design for ongoing changes
A Little Information Wood Posts Treated softwood posts  - 100mm x 100mm or 75mm x 75mm Pros - Cheaper than concrete, lightweight, easy to work Cons -  Can rot in time, needs maintenance Concrete Posts  Slotted concrete posts with gravel boards - various lengths Godfathers for repairs to existing fencing Pros -  Durable, strong, no rot Cons - Heavy, more expensive than timber Panels Waney edge panels - 6’ wide (various heights) Pros - Cheap and light Cons -  Easily damaged in storms, will need treating often Closeboard Panels - 6’ wide (various heights) Pros - Heavy duty and durable Cons - More expensive than waney edge panels A wide range of attractive and decorative panels is available
Fencing Technical Specification All posts are concreted 600mm (24”) into the ground We use post fix for efficiency, but use a dry concrete mix on larger projects On gradients, the panels are evenly stepped Exterior grade fixings are used in all areas of fencing Old fencing is taken away Advice given on the most appropriate fence type and its future maintenance We offer a full bespoke service from curves to screens Post and rail is best for steep gardens Slotted concrete post system is cost effective and ideal for changing  panels in the future   
Paving - Technical Specification and Advice Paving and Patios Dug out to 120mm - 210mm depth (dependent on function and paving type) MOT Type 1 minimum 50mm depth, imported and compacted Paving laid on sharp sand and cement mortar base (1:8 ratio, 50mm depth) Paving is laid level in one direction with a paving fall in the other direction to ensure water run off Pointing - Plastering sand and cement (1:5 ratio) Limestone, Slate and Granite paving - We use a mortar gun for pointing Sandstone and Concrete products -  We use a dry pointing mix Driveways and Parking Areas MOT Type 1 minimum 100mm depth, imported and compacted  Kerb edges concreted into place Blocks laid on compacted and screeded sharp sand base (50mm depth) Kiln dried sand added during final compaction Rubber mats used when compacting Clay Paviours Gravel Paths and Hardstanding Areas Edgings concreted into position Decorative aggregate installed on top of a weed membrane (50mm depth)
A Little Information Care and Maintenance Newly installed paving should not be walked on for at least 48 hours   Use of a pressure washer will destroy your pointing and invalidate your guarantee We recommend a quality patio cleaner, a stiff brush and good old fashioned elbow grease once a year We can help choose the right paving to suit your garden design and budget There are many suppliers selling a wide array of paving types; Slate - Midnight, Rusty and Green Limestone - Kadapha, Kota Blue and Harvest Sandstone - A variety of grades and colour options Granite - White, Grey and Black Clay Paviours - Longer lasting than the concrete equivalent Concrete Paving - A vast array of sizes, colours, styles and qualities Concrete Blocks -  A wide range of colours, sizes and prices    
Electrics Lighting Options include; uplighting, spotlights, wash lighting, step and wall lights 240v Lights have to be installed by an electrician 12v Lighting can usually be installed by ourselves Power Supply Exterior IP rated switches and sockets can be included in any scheme It is worth considering installing power to sheds during the build Other Information Electric cable is armoured and in ducting Ducting is buried to the correct depth with gravel and warning tape for extra safety Lighting extends a gardens function  Creative lighting makes the garden look stunning all year round Installing ducting during the build is imperative for future lighting, electric or IT requirements LED lighting is versatile and has low running costs We can design your lighting scheme 
Water Water Features There is a vast array of water features in all shapes, sizes and prices A reservoir and pump are usually needed Reservoirs are set level with concrete Drainage All paving will have at least one fall to enable water run off French Drain - Land Drain Trench dug to appropriate depth and length Weed membrane used as a liner to prevent root ingress 100mm diameter land drain installed along the trench length Pea gravel added and weed membrane wrapped around to finish Trench back filled as appropriate Other information Water features can be an integral part of a garden. We offer advice on placement, size and style An electrician will be contracted to install the 240v supply for the pump Land drain is a cheap effective solution to a waterlogged garden
A Little Information Turf Aftercare Don’t walk on freshly laid turf for 4-6 weeks (except to mow) Mow grass on a 'high cut’ setting to prevent stress and promote root growth Water every day for 4 weeks if possible (a water sprinkler is ideal) Meadow grass is tougher and more cost effective than cultivated grass  Planting Advice Water on a regular basis to help establish roots Keep plant labels for care and maintenance advice Adding bark mulch is a great way to conserve moisture and prevent weed growth
Planting and Turfing Technical Specifications Turf and Grass Seeding We install meadow grass or cultivated turf The existing grass is removed with a turf cutter If required, the area is then cultivated  'Top Sport’ is added as a laying base Turf is laid in a staggered pattern to avoid die back Grass seeding - Throw plenty on the ground and hope the birds don’t eat it all Planting We use blood, fish and bone meal when planting A planting compost is also used  Plants are firmed in and well watered Bark mulch is added for water conservation and weed prevention We can design a planting scheme for your garden
A Little Information A pergola adds interest and additional function It can be an area for privacy or entertainment Adding lighting can extend function Bird feeders, lanterns and other decorative items can be easily attached Climbers add scent, colour and interest  Trellis panels can increase privacy and create additional plant supports 
Pergolas - Technical Specification  Tanalised softwood posts (100mm x 100mm) Posts are concreted 600mm into the ground Tanalised softwood purlins and rails (150mm x 50mm) Rails spaced at 500mm centres Rail and purlin ends are shaped Trellis panels can be made to measure All fixings are exterior graded  Larger section timber can be used for visual impact
A Little Information Brick Walls A well designed brick wall creates structure and character Bricks can be used in a complimentary or contrasting capacity  There is a huge array of brick types, textures, colours and sizes Tumbled bricks add a rustic charm Wooden Sleeper Walls Sleeper walls age well The effect is visually softer than brick Sleepers are a cheaper alternative to brick Oak sleepers can be used for longevity 
Walling - Technical Specification Brick Walls Concrete foundation (dimensions based on wall size) Engineer brick courses at ground level Mortar - Building sand and cement (1:5 ratio) Soldier course or coping stones to finish Wood Sleeper Wall - Straight  Tanalised softwood sleepers, uprights are concreted 600mm into the ground Horizontal sleepers are then fixed to uprights with exterior graded fixings Damp proof membrane and pea gravel used to prevent rot Wood Sleeper Wall - Curved Upright sleepers are concreted 600mm into the ground Sleepers can be formed into curves when installed in an upright position
Tailor Made Solutions For Your Garden As a design company with a production background, we have the knowledge, experience and capacity to create bespoke solutions Specials can be created for specific functions i.e. cooking areas, sun terraces, rose gardens, ornamental ponds or a wildlife friendly area Specials are identified through the design process, for example; A wood fired pizza oven was the start point and central theme of one garden Whereas, in a keen gardener’s design, the focal point was a magnificent Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin’  Specials can naturally evolve, be suggested by ourselves, or be inspired by a customers idea Specials will increase the budget, and require consideration and discussion to justify the expense and maximise the final result
Specials  Past specials we have installed include; Semi-circular Contemplation Area Deck with Hot Tub and Barbecue Areas Dry Stone Walls Bespoke Trellised Seating ‘Snug' Laminated Wood Pergola Contoured Fencing Hidden Crazy Golf Course Paving within a Miniature Railway Site
Decking - Technical Specification and Advice Deck The frame is constructed with tanalised softwood (150mm x 50mm) Joist hangers, construction screws and nails are used to build the frame The frame sits on concrete pads A level and fall are created using natural slate packers ‘Spax' anti-corrosion deck screws are used to secure deck boards Stainless steel screws are used with hardwood decking Ideal dimensions for steps are 150mm high x 375mm wide   Deck Fencing Tanalised softwood posts (100mm x 100mm) Base rails, hand rails and spindles are all tanalised Gaps between spindles never exceed 95mm
A Little information Care and Maintenance Deck areas will need annual treatment Deck boards can become slippery if not kept clean and free of debris We recommend an oil based deck treatment It is always best to apply treatment after a dry spell to maximise impregnation Hardwood decking requires a teak oil or similar treatment Well maintained deck areas look great and last for years Hardwood decking is more expensive but weathers well and will last longer than softwood decking
BEFORE Installation
DURING Installation
DURING Installation
Keeping you informed at every stage minimises disruption and maximises budget
AFTER Installation
Materials, function and costs discussed Garden Design and start date agreed
AFTER Installation
After sales advice and support  Secondary Lighting and Planting schemes installed
Unforeseen issues discussed and resolved Identify and suggest solutions for future dated work
Communication is Key to a Successful Project
BEFORE Installation